how to earn two hundred and sixty dollars per week

we are gonna be talking about how to earn two hundred and sixty dollars per week just by searching Google and I know right now that might sound hard to believe but I'm actually gonna prove to you that not only is it possible but there are actually thousands of people from all around the world yes this does work worldwide where people are earning thirteen to fifteen dollars or more just to search on Google.

let's start

 in today's article, we're gonna be talking about something called a search engine the evaluator now what a search engine evaluator basically does is they evaluate search engines but for all of us who actually use Google search and Bing nor Yahoo if you really don't know anything about Google there are all these people millions and millions of people every single day search things on search
engines and those results actually have to be interpreted by robots and algorithms and all these complicated pieces of code that Google has made billions of dollars creating but it's actually not possible for code to evaluate every single possible search that seven-plus billion people are putting into Google millions of times per hour and that is when you come in because as a human being you actually have an incredibly complicated brain  and  you're able to interpret things that machine's machine learnings and algorithms are not and because you're able to do that that actually helps improve Google search which is why companies like Google and other large search engine providers are actually willing to pay for human beings such as yourself to actually evaluate search results that machines and algorithms and code cannot and because you do this that actually in turns improves Google and then Google makes more money which is why Google is willing to act pay a search engine evaluators to do these tasks on their behalf now if you stick around until the end of the article

I'm also going to be revealing a brand new way to actually make a significant amount of money per hour doing something very similar except not on search engines but actually on social media so f you're like me and you browse Instagram probably a little bit too much and stick around until the end of this article because I'm gonna be showing you guys a second way that you can actually earn even more doing something very similar so there's a ton of different websites out there that actually allow you to apply to be a search engine evaluator.

you can go on zip recruiter you can go on indeed but we're gonna focus on a few websites that actually specialize just in search engine evaluation services who partner with the search engine giants such as Google to actually, hire people just like you from anywhere in the world to make money online just by evaluating simple Google results and while there's a lot of different services out there like Raider labs LEEP force Apple Lion bridge Microsoft stone we're gonna be mainly talking about just a few of them but the cool thing is you can actually apply to work at multiple different of these services to actually maximize the chances and how much money you can make by doing these simple tasks now the site that we're gonna be focusing on today is actually called upon who recently acquired one of the other large searches engines .

evaluator services leap force but honorable mention is lion bridge as there are a lot of different services out there obviously can't show an article about all of them just in this one place but that's not taking away from the other services just today we're gonna be focusing on appen so you can see if you actually, go to a ping com slash jobs that there's a lot of different opportunities out there there's a project there are micro tasks there's surveys and data collection and by the way, we'll actually mention even a third an opportunity where you can make money later on in this video where you can actually, make up to $30 an hour or more now does this take a little bit more experience of course but you can work your way up to that right starting out at 12 to $15 per hour and then as you actually start to accumulate more skills then, of course, you can earn more for that skill if you accumulate it so you can see if you actually click projects here that they have a lot of different work from home opportunities for people you can see right here from all around the world.

and you can see the purpose of this article right here a search media evaluation work with the world's top search engine companies essentially to evaluate the results now as a search engine evaluator essentially what you're going to be doing is you are going to be evaluating this search engine results for specific queries now what I mean by that is you might type something in like Dallas restaurant now if you type Dallas restaurant obviously you're probably looking for a restaurant in Dallas but sometimes search engine results are strange right they're synonyms are the same words or somebody typed something in and they see something that's not at all relevant to what they specifically were looking for that is ultimate. 

what the search engine companies are paying you to uncover those types of strange words or queries that don't actually produce ultra-relevant results for the person who entered it but the cool thing is even if you're only working 20 hours a week and even if you're making on the low end of what you can see that google says you earn right here at per hour to actually be a search engine evaluator which is 13 to 15 dollars an hour that means that you can earn up to two hundred and sixty dollars a week or more at the low end of what Google actually estimates you're gonna make doing this just to you know evaluate basic search results but if only 20 hours a week sounds like less than you actually want to put in if you're really trying to save money and invest into a long-term business model like e-commerce or social media marketing or something that you can really scale but that takes a little bit of money to actually get started then like I said at the beginning of the article we do actually have another the opportunity that I want to tell you about where you can actually earn more than two hundred and sixty dollars per week by adding an extra 10 or 20 hours to your actual work schedule but before we actually do talk about that


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