Make $600 FOR POSTING ON FACEBOOK (Secret Method)

when's the last time you posted on Facebook was it a month ago or maybe it was just yesterday.
now imagine earning six hundred dollars every single day from a simple post on Facebook sounds too good to be true right well there's a secret method that people are utilizing from all over the world that is earning them over six hundred dollars every single day from just posting on Facebook 

earn more than this the same or a little bit less but I can tell you one thing if you do not follow the exact steps in this article then results like this will not be possible for you so make sure to stick all the way through this article and do not skip over any steps okay now the three steps to earning over six hundred dollars per day from simply posting on Facebook are number one I'm going to be unveiling a high paying website that pays for posting okay number two I'm going to reveal the highest-earning strategy to start earning quickly even today and number three I'm going to show you my thousand dollars per day autopilot system as a bonus towards the end so make sure to stick all the way through  and do not skip over any steps okay now the first place we're gonna go to is where we're actually going to get the product that is paying us, okay so we're gonna go over here to us okay so we're gonna go over here to

offer vault and what  we're going to do is we are gonna promote a simple link we're just gonna share a link and I'm going to show you exactly how to do it on Facebook with this new autopilot method okay now as you can see right here we're gonna go on to offer vault command we're gonna search PayPal gift card and as you see there are  companies out there that are giving away PayPal gift cards okay for absolutely free and they will pay you two dollars and ten cents per lead meaning if someone enters the sweepstake the giveaway for the PayPal card rather they put in their email you generate two dollars and ten cents now I'm gonna show you how to get thousands of people per day to literally type in their email and enter the PayPal that you get paid two dollars in 10 cents every single email, okay and this is very scalable and you can potentially get to tens of thousands of people literally putting in their email and you generating two dollars and ten cents for every single email on autopilot okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to this first offer right here it says PayPal gift card sweepstakes okay

we're gonna click on that and it's gonna take us to this page right here so you are probably wondering okay what does this actually look like what are people gonna see when they enter this pre this
PayPal giveaway card so what when they click on your link they're gonna come to this site right here okay it's gonna be a very cool site it says when $1000 PayPal prepaid card shipping information
required all they have to do is put in their name email right and their number and press continue okay and they're gonna be entered in to win $1000 giveaway okay now you can even enter this yourself if you'd like okay but I believe you know they won't pay you for you gonna promote your little link and where do you get the little link that link is gonna be tied to you so everyone that clicks it and puts in their email you're gonna gets paid so first you're gonna want to join the network okay join the network 
I'm gonna pay you two dollars and 10 cents. your own email, so you must get other people to put in their email now what are you gonna, do how are this one works in the United States there are other ones on offer vault that work in many different countries so go ahead and check them out but this one works in u.s. alright so you're gonna press join Network and that's gonna take you here to lemon adds what you're gonna do is register as a publisher I'm looking for offers register put in your work email your first and last name your skype and then your mother tongue and then create the account and you should be able to get your little special link. that's gonna pay you two dollars and ten cents for every person that puts in their email okay so once you have that link you're gonna go to your Gmail account okay this a very special way of doing things this is a new method okay so go to your Gmail. account all right and you're gonna go to the Settings tab at the top right hand the corner you're gonna click on settings and it'll take you to this page right here okay and what we're gonna do is we're gonna scroll all the way down okay we're gonna scroll all the way down and we're gonna turn on our vacation responder okay so you're gonna turn this on vacation responder on as you see I clicked it on and what we're gonna do is we're gonna get people to email us and I'm gonna show you how to do that on Facebook with one simple post but what they're what's gonna happen when they email us we're not gonna have to reply back okay because there's gonna be maybe hundreds potentially even thousands of people emailing us and we don't want to have to email every single person back we want this on autopilot right we want money on autopilot so what you're gonna do is turn your vacation on a responder on okay so Jima that Gmail will actually send out an auto message when they email you okay so someone's gonna email you say hey I want to learn how to you knowget answer this giveaway thousand dollar giveaway you're gonna say hey congrats on joining the group if you want to enter the thousand dollars PayPal giveaway click here and then you're gonna put your link here alright subject is going to be a giveaway. 

instructions so when someone emails you they're gonna get this automated message from your email and they're gonna click your little link and put in their email right and you're gonna get paid two dollars and ten cents so now I'm gonna show you where to get all these people submitting their emails and sending you an email so this autoresponder works for you and generates cash okay so what

we're gonna do is we're gonna go over here to Facebook calm okay go over to and we're gonna create a new group like you see in the top right-hand corner we could press create and go to group alright and we're actually gonna create a group we can put the group name you know you can obviously change the group name but you could put it as you know make money online okay boom and you can set this as a public group okay choose friends you can add all of your friends all of the friends that you want to add very easily and then you're gonna post okay so what you're gonna do is you're gonna make your first post and what we're gonna do is press create okay we're gonna create the group and it's gonna load up okay very easily and the cool thing is that Facebook will actually you know promote your group to people on Facebook okay for people that are interested in making money online.

we're giving away a free thousand dollar gift card that's a way of people making money online is entering sweepstakes then we're gonna go here okay and we're gonna write something so I like to have one of these backgrounds you know I like that purple background right there we're gonna say you know free thousand dollar PayPal giveaway email this email to enter okay or email me to enter and then you could put your email XYZ XYZ or whatever it is at boom and you're gonna post that in the group and pin it to the top alright so whoever joins this group right there's gonna be thousands of people joining very easily you can invite all your friends you can invite anyone on Facebook to join your group
right, you're gonna post that they're gonna see this and they're gonna come to your group and say oh wow they're doing a thousand dollar giveaway.

I'm gonna enter you know I'm gonna email this person they're gonna email you your Gmail autoresponder is gonna send them the link on where they can enter once they click it and then put in their email boom you start generating cash so as you can see this the method you could definitely make you know maybe few hundred bucks or maybe even a few thousand bucks but okay this is not the best way to do what this is called is which is affiliate marketing okay this is definitely one way you can get started with affiliate marketing but there's a much easier system okay if you click the first link down below this article it's going to show you exactly how I'm earning consistently over $1,000 a day with a simple autopilot system okay that's my bonus and in fact, when you click that link it's gonna show you exactly how I went from this guy right here handing out milkshakes and burgers for minimum wage and you know trying to figure out this whole affiliate marketing game - making multiple six figures in the first year of my business in fact just one of my affiliate businesses right here as you can see in the past 30 days made over $15,000 yesterday over two thousand four hundred dollars and it wasn't I wasn't able to do this until I learned from the right person, okay when you click the first link down below this article you're gonna get access to my mentor someone who's done over a quarter of a billion dollars in sales who showed me exactly how to do this okay in fact you know right when I made my first sum of money I was actually able to quit my job and I took my wife on a nice vacation okay we went over here a Maui we stayed at one of the most expensive hotels and frankly before this I never took a vacation like this I never even thought that something like this would be possible because I was in a bunch of credit card debt I was going to school and I was also working you know a nine-to-five job that I absolutely despised okay now maybe you can relate with that maybe you're doing some things that you don't want to do or you don't see yourself doing for the rest of your life and you want to earn an extra income online okay if that is you alright I want you to click the first link down below this article and go through the free training with my mentor okay in fact when I came back from the vacation actually purchased my dream car okay this was something that definitely

I definitely didn't think this would be possible okay but you know things are possible online and look at everything that's going on in the world. people are getting laid off their jobs they're getting furloughed
they're probably not gonna get their jobs back and they're forced to learn how to make money online okay so you know you don't want to be left out you don't want to be left behind while you see other people taking the time to learn how to build online businesses and generating cash from home 

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